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Publication score


Publisher: Maekawa Publishing, ltd.
Address: 10-5 Higashi Shinsaibashi, Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan 542-0083
Tel. 06-6251-6503
Fax. 06-6251-7735

The scores are commercially available at the following address:
Kōeki zaidan hōjin Seiha hōgaku-kai Office
3 Sanai-chō Ichigaya, Shijuku-ku
Tokyo, Japan
Tel. 03-3268-2965

Inquiries can also be placed at the following: お問い合わせメール >>>


Please access the following links for a list of CDs produced by the Seiha hōgaku-kai:




Since 1915, the Seiha hōgaku-kai has continuously published a monthly bulletin containing information on Seiha concerts, broadcasts, and other activities. The contents contain an opening essay by the Seiha iemoto as well a articles by scholars and artists in other fields, and updates from the various branch offices. New members and their contact information are introduced to promote professional and private friendship.
Each issue is 200 yen, and members usually subscribe on a half-yearly or yearly basis.  There are numerous subscribers not belonging to the Seiha hōgaku-kai, and approximately 10,000 copies are printed each month.

All inquiries should be placed at the following address:

Seiha hōgaku-kai Office
3 Sanai-chō, Ichigaya
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Japan 162-0846
Tel. 03-3268-2965

Seiha hōgaku-kai Gakudō Editorial Department
Tel. 03-3260-3838

The following link can also be used: お問い合わせメール >>>


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